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Outreach & Missions

Matthew 28:18-20

Community Outreach

At Beach Road we believe that we are called to reach out to those who are immediately around us with the Gospel of Jesus while meeting their physical needs in a practical way.

Samara's Village

Helps unwed teen mothers and the babies' fathers to raise healthy babies through specialized curriculum, counseling and continuing education. There are ample volunteer opportunities, including parent mentoring and help with fundraising and marketing.

Bread Basket

Once a month we members invite those who are hungry for food of body or of Spirit for a free lunch in Route 45 Cafe so that we can build community relationships and share love of Jesus Christ with people who join us.

Winter Nights

Each winter BRBC rents 10 rooms at a local hotel for one week to house the homeless. Small groups take turns preparing dinner each night and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Domestic Outreach

Jesus calls us to go beyond our own neighborhoods, to widen our vision and reach out to those a little further away than our own backyards. The ministries which we partner with work in various areas of the United States.


Kairos shares the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men and women as well as their families,helping them become loving and productive citizens of their communities.


We partner with Celebration Church to send teams to help with dinners, VBS, and community outreach. Celebration Church had a fourfold increase in attendance and 58 baptisms in 2019. This church plant continues to grow and now has four churches in the Boston area.

NC Baptists on Mission

The goal of NCBOM Disaster Relief Ministry is to provide ways for Christians to minister to people who are hurting due to disasters. We seek to provide organization, equipment, and strategy for committed volunteers to help affected individuals/families rebuild their lives and homes. Some of the ways we respond are through; Administration, Assessment, Chaplaincy, Communications, Childcare, International Search and Rescue, Laundry, Logistics, Mass feeding, Recovery (debris removal), Rebuild, Shower, Water, etc.

Baptist Childrens Home

Each spring we ask members to donate non-perishable items and gift cards. The goal is for Baptist churches in the state of North Carolina to donate enough food to provide 700,000 meals throughout the year.

Global Missions

In various places in the Scriptures we are called to go and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations. Beach Road has highlighted two countries where we have partners who are doing just that. 


Take gospel to previously unreached people in southern Mozambique, partnering with IMB missionaries. We do theological training, VBS, and teach basic hygiene and medical care. BRBC recently had a well built in the community so they can have safe drinking water.


Minister alongside IMB missionaries in BidiBidi and Rhino refugee camps where South Sudanese have fled civil war in their country. We do theological training, repair huts, and teach women how to make soap and basic work skills.