adult bible fellowship groups

What is a Bible Fellowship Group?

A Bible Fellowship Group (BFG) is a community of people connected for discipleship, prayer, and spiritually encouraging relationships.

When and where do Bible Fellowship Groups meet?

Bible Fellowship Groups meet on and off Beach Road's campus at various times and days throughout the week. They are organized in a variety of ways from life stage, geographic locations, and content of study.

What is the Bible Fellowship Group philosophy?

We believe BFG's function best when the group is small enough for everyone to involved in the conversation. A small group can keep up with what is going on in each other's lives and encourage one another.

How do I get involved in a Bible Fellowship Group?

Check out all our groups to find one that feels like a fit for you. Click on the group and you can contact the leader directly.

Drop-ins are welcome at our on-campus groups but we strongly recommend you contact the leader prior to your visit since schedules can fluctuate. 

For off-campus groups, please contact the leader.

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