At Beach Road Baptist we strive to be a dependable, positve place for teenagers to come and discover or strengthen a relationship with Christ. In a world of increased independence where peer and social pressures are constant, teenagers need a safe place to discover who they are as a child of God and what He wants for them in life. 

We offer two great experiences for teens during the week. 

Sundays: Bible Fellowship at 9:00 a.m. 

Wednesdays: The Point at 6:30 p.m. 

Both meet in Pier 41, the youth building behind the church and to the left.

Scroll through the pages to learn more about our youth program. 

Parents, check out the parent page in this section to plug in to what the students are learning.


DNOW In-Town Discipleship Weekend Retreat

Youth DNOW weekend is our annual "in-town" discipleship retreat. Students will spend the weekend having a ton of fun while exploring God's Word and how it should apply to their life as a middle school or high school student. This year's theme is THRIVE. We are going to look at the challenges students face in our culture and how God desires for us to not only survive as Christians, but He has given us everything we need to THRIVE. Don't let your students miss out on this great weekend!  


Date: March 9-11 (students dropped off at the church at 6:30pm on Friday and will be back at the church to be picked up at noon on Sunday.)

Cost: $45 (includes all lodging, transportation, meals, materials, and a really cool t-shirt)

How to Register: Complete the online registration and then print the attached permission form, sign it and return it to Daniel NO LATER THAN MARCH 4TH! Once your student(s) is registered you will be emailed details of what to pack, etc.


Pier 41

Bible fellowship group

For Middle and High School Students

Teenagers have a cool place to hang that is designed just for them. It is great environment to build lasting friendships while learning how to navigate life the way God has intended. Pier 41 helps strengthen and reinforce a teenager's relationship with God during a time of increased independence and peer pressure. It helps them understand and focus on: 

  • pursing an authentic relationship with their creator
  • pursuing a relationship with God through spiritual disciplines
  • believing in Jesus and learning how to follow Him in faith contributing to God's world
  • accepting His love
  • transforming and growing in a relationship with God
  • restoring a broken world by participating with Him
  • connecting with others by understanding the value God puts on relationships
  • serving in love as a child of God

Middle and high school students meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. for Bible Fellowship in Pier 41, the youth building behind the church and to the left.We hope to see you soon!      

Pier 41

the point

Student Worship for Middle and High School Students

The Point is a great worship experience for middle and high school students. It is a time to enjoy great food, make some new friends, have some laughs, engage in some praise and worship, see how God's Word applies to life during the teen years and get connected to a small group where great friendships are built. It is also a great place to talk about how to live out all that God has planned.

The Point meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in Pier 41, the youth building located behind the church and to the left. We hope to see you soon!

Current Series

The kind of life you build depends on the BLUEPRINT you are following. 

Social influences and personal experiences all play a part in the drawing of your blueprint.

As we study the book of Nehemiah, we will discover how to create and follow a blueprint that honors God and protects us from pain and regret. We will also see how to get back on track when we follow the wrong plan.

What is your blueprint? 

Come and discover God's plan for you on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. 


Everyone is building their life (our students included) by a set of "blueprints".  Teachers and coaches contribute to the plans, so do friends, social media, movies, music, the list could go on and on. The kind of life our students are building depends on the blueprints they are following. So how can our students (and we as parents) know if the life they are constructing is one that follows God's plan for their life or is one that leads to ruin? 

What We Covered in Week 1 of BLUEPRINT

I encourage you to think through these truths from Scripture and then have conversations with your students about them.

In Week 1, we looked at Nehemiah 1:1-3. We saw that if we are going to enjoy God's design (plans) for our lives it requires that we follow God's blueprints (His Word). Nehemiah's fellow countrymen were in a mess back in their homeland because of one basic problem- they thought doing things their own way would work out better than doing things God's way. Our students are well on their way to building the foundation and forming the worldview for their lives. How do we as parents help them chose to follow God's blueprint rather than a plan that will cause them pain and regret later in life? 

We looked at 3 things last week that can help. 

1. Doing it your way is doing it the wrong way. Following God's "blueprint" for our lives requires that we use God's Word as the foundation for EVERYTHING we say and do. A great topic for family discussion would be: How important do we make God's Word in our family? What could we do make more time to spend in God's Word as individuals and as a family?

2. Doing nothing is doing something. We saw that when we identify areas of our lives where things are "off track" we can't just ignore them and hope they will get better. Following God's "blueprint" requires that we address areas of our lives that don't line up with God's Word. Another great topic for discussion: Are there areas of your life where you see you need to make changes? (habits, friend groups, time spent on social media/cell phone, the way you treat siblings/parents, etc.) What steps are you taking to correct those?

3. Doing it alone is doing it wrong. Nehemiah didn't set out to tackle the issues his people faced alone and we saw that we shouldn't either. God gave us the Church to provide encouragement, support, and accountability as we try to follow God's blueprint for our lives. We were never meant to "go it alone." One more great topic to discuss as a family: Who has God placed in your life to help you strengthen your relationship with Him? How often do you spend time with those people? How can you as a family unit support each other as you follow Christ?

I hope that this is helpful information for you to use this week as God gives you opportunities to have meaningful conversations with your students. I am praying for you as you tackle the greatest calling we have in life: pointing our children to Christ!

If you have questions, email Pastor Daniel.